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Corporate Dinners

Whatever the occasion you have chosen Notes Live for, a gourmet experience must be a great part of it.
We do our best so every event is turned into a unique moment and our catering reflects upon it.
We will listen to your needs and then our professional team will prepare a proposal that suits your needs. You will decide on the menu with the help of our experienced culinary team, satisfying even your most demanding needs.
Our Visual and sound systems, our technological support and also the functionality of Notes Live venue allows you to organize your corporate events such as conferences, presentations, corporate dinners and cocktail parties. Our emphasis to every single detail, our professionalism and our excellent service guarantees you the success of your event and our experience will make sure it will be run smoothly as possible.
Depending on your preferences and requirements, you may select either the Buffet menu which serves up to 320 people, or the Set Menu which serves up to 180 people.
For proposals and quotations of our packages and rates, please contact us at notes@cytanet.com.cy and our professional team will be happy to assist you.